Life size Bronze Portrait- Designing the Plinth

Plinth, now thats a funny sounding word.  The plinth in sculpture is made of the same material as the subject and in a sense, presents the figure.  Its not the base.  A base is made of a different material and sort of "frames" I guess you could say, the sculpture.  Then of course, theres the pedestal.

I decided to start with a box form and I wanted to make it out of a smooth material since the Plinth, now thats a funny sounding word.   I remember when teaching sculpture my students would have me say it several times and spell it.  A plinth is used to present the figure and is made of the same material as the figure. So in this case it will eventually be made of bronze.   A base sits under the plinth and is made of another material, like wood or stone etc. and then theres the pedestal which everything sits on.  

I decided to begin the plinth with a simple box design.  Since this sculpture will have a smooth surface when finished I needed something smooth for the plinth.  I looked around the studio and  I found some ceramic tiles and constructed this box with hot glue and used clay to hold it for me. Like I said earlier, even though the plinth is made of tile, this will eventually be bronze as well.


Life size Bronze Portrait- Building volume

The first clay which is very firm, was used to support the newspaper.  This second clay is more playable and will be used for the outer surfaces. In the next image you will see how I added more newspaper over the green clay and then the white clay on top.  You may wonder why I use a core of newspaper.  The reason is because of weight and materials.  I estimate I will be using about 40-50 pounds of clay when finished.