Copy of Life Size Bronze Commission- Scary times

 This is a scary time because after weeks of sculpting it doesn't really look like him yet.  My husband says,"put hair on him, that might help." Oh,  if only it was that simple.  

The real solution is a fresh eye.  Each day I come into the studio I  get  a fresh look at it and get closer.  I remind myself not to get to caught up on details but to bring up the sculpture with all elements equally.  It never works when you doubt the process and try to rush by focusing  on details of one part.  I move from shape of head to features, more suit. For a real break I work on the ears!

These two photos show the slow transition from rough to smooth, always observing and developing the form as I go.  In the lower photo (earlier) you can see how I covered the construction of the plinth with aluminum shim.